Free Weathermen Mixtapes

2/19/2010 12:51:00 AM / Posted by Iron Lung / comments (0)

So I'm sure everyone is still waiting on "The New Left", the long awaited Weathermen album. From what I know, just a few of the songs are done but it should be amazing. I've been working on a small little project remixing a handful of Def Jux singles which includes a version of Hugs and Kisses featuring Cage and myself on the second verse. hopefully I'll have it recorded soon.While I've been working on my own new stuff and part time at Volume Studio's in Miami, I've been jamming to a lot of the old Weathermen stuff. I realized its pretty hard to get your hands on this stuff so I figured I'd do everyone a favor... I put all my fav's together to make this 58 minute Weathermen megamix. It should hold you down until the album drops. It's just one continuous track so you can load it on your iPod and go for a run or bump it in your car on a nice drive.
Now without further ado... download here for free of course!