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Is finally out and ready for download! I've gotten nothing but positive reviews thus far, and that's not to say it didn't come with creative criticism. So far everyone's insight has been helpful as far as what you guys want to hear from me. But I'm glad you're enjoying it. You can listen to/download it here
<a href="http://ironlung.bandcamp.com/album/juxtaposition">Getaway Car (Bad Thieves Mix) by Iron Lung</a>

Last night, I went to "The Heartbeats Unlimited" Networking Social. It's this whole multimedia get together to help out the American Heart Association. find out more about it here. It was pretty awesome to see some of Miami's finest out of their regular element. I handed out some samplers of both Iron Lung and LAMEBOT. The Iron Lung sampler actually had all 7 tracks off the Juxtaposition mix as well as a re-dub of Doctor P's Neon, 2 other tracks that have yet to release and some of my NIN remixes…. It was a great freebie in my opinion so if you got one, enjoy! The LAMEBOT sampler had 5 tracks. Of course it opens with the Ketchup song which is 300 views strong now!

It also had the 2 versions of Megatron Meltdown and 2 preview tracks off the upcoming EP. If you got the LAMEBOT sampler, feedback is greatly needed!!!

After that we had a dinner reservation at Smok't, this very nice southern cooking with a twist type place where we began a small celebration. Luckily, our server was this very cool person I haven't seen in awhile and we got to catch up during some down time. The fiasco continued at Crazy Piano's where we shut the place down, and me leaving with no voice and not waking up till 2pm lol. overall a great Saturday, with a mixtape release, a social networking event, good food and great friends, yelling out classic songs, drinks and, damn I forgot where I was going with this…. But it was a good day.

Jukie News

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Yo yo, what up y'all. Well its finally among us, a firm release date for the Def Jux / Iron Lung mash up mixtape. It will be available as a free download from bandcamp.com this Saturday the 14th. It has 5 main tracks and 2 bonus tracks and all new verses from me. If you visit the myspace you can hear a few tracks off of it right now! Screw it, I'll make it even easier… there you go, just hit PLAY!

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Peace out ninjas! More new music coming soon!!!

Return of the Black Samurai

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So without going too much into personal detail because its not my place, I'll try and let you in on what's going on… 

My man C-Rayz and I have been down for awhile now so I've gotten to know him a person and not just as an emcee. He's got some legal stuff going on and I reached out to help with some of the fees with an idea for a small EP in which all the proceeds would end up going to help "Free Rayz Walz". Now there is no name for this joint project and it's not solidified yet, but what I can say is, the beats made for this so far are similar to like old MF Doom in how the kind of sound like a long loop with some simple deep bass lines and glitched drum patterns. BUT, they have a lot of oriental instrumentation, all of which is original and played since I don't want to sample a thing and have to clear rights and what not. Now, if you want to help him/us out you can in a few simple ways:

  1. Stop by both our pages and leave a little love on the subject, tell us how you would feel about a Lung/Walz EP and what you'd expect to hear.
  2. If you want to feature C-Rayz on a track for any of your projects, he's more than likely willing to do so and right now you can catch him at a pretty low price of $500 a track. (get at him directly and tell him I sent you OR message me first if you're shy)
That's pretty much it as far as how you can help out directly. So spread the word and leaves us some thoughts.

I hit the studio Monday, and I don't want to keep expecting to have something new for you but I'll be mixing down whatever I can get out of there Monday night at home during the rest of the week. Hopefully before month's end, you'll hear some new Iron Lung and some right out of the oven LAMEBOT. Classes start up for me in a like 2 weeks so I want to take advantage now. The first song I'll be trying to mix down and have out for you to hear is the opening track off the Def Jux project, which is a remix of Getaway Car with Aesop Rock.

And on a random, I have officially decided to learn to play guitar. My two main sound influences for that are Mick Thomson (Slipknot) Matt Fox (Shai Hulud which I recently got to meet) so wish me luck!

Well that's it for now. I'll leave you with all the links so you can support C-Rayz, myself, and our possible project.







another new hosted blog

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Hey everyone, ok so if you didnt already know i do all my own graphics and what not, so i've been contracting my services out to the general public.

First up was http://www.threegirlsandacamera.blogspot.com/
a blog created for three good friends of mine taking their emerging photography skills to the interwebz

Now I bring you.... http://wwwdustydigital.blogspot.com/
a blog created for a record label out of North Carolina run by Skott Phree, a very talented producer I've had the luck of knowing for years. If you like pure hip hop or anything like Tribe, Flying Lotus and stuff like that, check this cat out... dope dope stuff.

I was trying to record today but the whole studio was booked so I'll try and get squeezed in this weekend or early next week. I wanna have a new project in your hands by the end of the month.

anyways check out both blogs and lemme know how you like them and the design and if your bored check my older posts... spread the word and i'll keep spreading the music.

next time y'all

J Dilla – Donut Shop

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Friggin' Dilla, I love his beats man. I just got my advance copy of Dilla's Donut Shop which is a limited release through Stones Throw. Oh, before I forget Seu Jorge has something new on Stones Throw too! Well technically speaking it's out through "Now-Again Records". Nevertheless, the Portuguese wonder boy teamed up with Almaz to make a new record which is currently on tour. For those of you going "who the hell is Seu Jorge?" you might remember him from City of God or as the singing guitarist in The Life Aquatic who did all the amazing David Bowie covers (which I own all of them hehe). Anyways if you want to check out what they sound like, you can download "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" by clicking here.

Ok back to Dilla… Donut Shop is actually just 6 tracks of some classic Dilla instrumentals. It kicks off with a beat sampling a song that I once tried to flip several times and failed, The Safety Dance. I love how it was done and I was vibing the whole way, another minute and I woulda been busting freestyles. One here we also got the Mos Def instrumental to "History" and the Busta instrumental for "You Can't Hold A Torch". It's a must own for DJ's and beat makers.

Here's a copy paste from the site:

"A collaboration of Serato, Stones Throw and the J Dilla Estate.  This is a 2LP collection of J Dilla instrumentals backed with Serato Control Tone for Serato DJs. 
2 SIDES MUSIC Six J Dilla Instrumentals - three previously unreleased tracks, and three previously unreleased instrumentals for Mos Def, Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip.
2 SIDES SERATO Serato Control Tone for use with Serato Scratch Live DJ software."

It's vinyl only and comes with two records, and two very stylish Donut Slipmats for your tables. If you want a preview, click here for The Safety Dance Mp3. Here's the link to order your own copy, http://www.stonesthrow.com/store/special-edition/jdilla/donut-shop-serato-2lp-slipmats or click here if you're lazy: I'm LAZY.

So yeah, aside from that I will hopefully get my ass in the studio soon and drop some of my own new unreleased goodness soon. Peace out my ninjas!