2011 Sampler

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If you're even reading this right now, Thanks. You either follow my blog or you picked up a Sampler at a live show this year. Here is the track list so you know whats going on. the tabs on top of my blog will guide you to free stuff and please go ahead and LIKE the facebook page. Thanks again and I hope you enjoyed the Sampler and the show.
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Iron Lung Live Sampler 2011
Track List

Track Name - Artist - Album

Home – Iron Lung – Warning 12”
Warning – Iron Lung – Warning 12”
Neon (ft. Iron Lung) – Doctor P – Neon
This City (ft. Iron Lung) – DJ A.I. – Neo Gotham
Smile (Or I’ll Shoot ft. Lily Allen) – Iron Lung – 10 Reasons Why You Won’t Like Lung EP
Battle Cry (ft. Iron Lung) – Mr. Poison Hands – Underground Oddities Vol 1
Mirrors Facing Mirrors – Iron Lung – Underground Oddities Vol 2
Our Season – Iron Lung – Underground Oddities Vol 2
Hibernation – Iron Lung – Warning 12”
Grand Illusion (ft. Iron Lung) – Phil G – Iron Phil-aments
No Kings (All in Remix ft. Iron Lung) – EL-P – Juxtaposition
Citronella (Kids Remix ft. Iron Lung) – Aesop Rock – Juxtaposition
Grape Nuts and Chalk Sauce – Iron Lung – Juxtaposition
God Given (Lung Vishnu Remix) – Nine Inch Nails – NIN Remixes
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Lung Mega Mix) – Skrillex - Single

Strange Fruit

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"Southern trees bear strange fruit…” Billie Holiday’s voice carries with it a certain eminence of pain and sorrow that is unmistakable in her rendition of this song, that later turned out to be one of her most popular. For as long as I have been listening to jazz, Billie Holiday has remained as one of my favorite vocalists despite her lack of range. Her voice was raw and like the many great soloists, it was her defining characteristic that propelled her into being one of the greats.

            “Strange Fruit” was actually written by a Jewish couple about the savagery of lynching, which was still rampant in the South. Billie Holiday approached her label about doing a cover of the song but the label decided not to back it. This decision was more than likely a financial safety net, a way to not lose sales in the South by releasing a song that openly criticized it. Milt Gabler, a friend of hers, decided to help her release the song and her label issued a one session release in order for it to be possible.
The recording gives me chills each time. The instrumentation is crafted beautifully to give off a sensation of angst, and loneliness. Her vocals chime in and radiate from her soul. The lyrics paint a picture few wanted to admit as a reality. This is a quintessential example of music being a catalyst for change. Despite the sadness and pain in the words, it also expresses a call for solidarity.
Music has the power to move people. Music can unite and it can spark change. “Strange Fruit” is a testament to that. It became part of her live set and managed to maintain its power. The lyrics are poignant and the wordage is simple, making the song relatable and accessible. The live version varies a bit from the recorded version. It seems to be darker and more personal, somehow more romantic. This song found itself the perfect spokesperson in Billie Holiday, it not only helped garner her more acclaim but also brought attention to a social white elephant.