Me, I’m Not

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Hey guys, ok check it, I'm sure you've all heard already but I got another remix track up on the NIN site. It's a slightly dubbed out mix of "Me, I'm Not" off the Year Zero album. You can listen to it and download it for free off the site here I debated for a sec about making a whole album of NIN remixes, BUT I will hold off until I'm done recording the Lucy album and if there is enough interest in hearing such a thing.

Speaking of new projects… Aesop Rock and Cage are teaming up to bring us the new "Two of Every Animal". It should be a mix of both on vocals and Aes on the beats. I liked "Hail Mary Mallon" so this should be interesting. And Felt 3 was super sick.

I'm hosting another blog too btw. For all of you guys into art and photography, a few friends of mine have decided to bring their photography skills to the cyber world. There aren't any posts up yet but you can subscribe or at least check it out here

Lamebot is trudging along, we still need lyrics for 2 more songs and to lay down the vocals for all of them… getting in the studio has been an issue for both Iron Lung and Lamebot, but what can we do? I'm sure you guys will love our covers (which range from The Rolling Stone to Kanye West lol) and the EP. We're still looking for a label to help us release the EP so if you know of anything help us out!

Ok, well I think that's it for now, back to cleaning house and cleaning my hard drives :/

Free Downloads and caffeine…

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Yo yo what up my ninjas? See the blog got a nice lil facelift… that's NY in the pic of course… I miss that city. Anyways here goes a few quick things bout what's going.

  1. New project dropped called "Iron Phil-Aments"
    1. It was a collab project between me and Phil G where I handled the production and mixing and only made 2 guest appearances on vocals. You can listen to it or get your free copy on here Iron Phil-aments FREE on

  2. A few older albums with broken links are back online
    1. Underground Oddities Vol 1 is back online here Underground_Oddities_Vol_1 FREE on

    2. Severe Warning Promo, the mega mix I made for The Weathermen is also back and ready for pimpin' here The_Weathermen Severe Warning Promo Mixed by Iron Lung
      1. By the way I had to throw in random songs because there is a 5 track minimum to be able to set them for download, so the first track is the actual mega mix, the other 4 are just goodies.
  3. My remix with NIN is now available to listen and a free download from their site here The Greater Good Remix Featuring Iron Lung

  4. I recently signed on to do a song for DJ A.I. on an upcoming album being released through Godsendant.
    1. It's actually for a concept album about a city called "Neo-Gotham" and its super heroes. My song is written from the point of view of my favorite comic book character, Spawn.
Aside from that, not much else is going on. I refuse to do anymore shows until I am at least in the recording process of the Lucy album. And I got a ways to go before I get there. The next few things I release will be pretty close together. I don't even want to put them in order but I'll be putting out a free digital 12" of Warning, a song produced by Muse Sick that I've been using at my live shows for a while. It will be a four song LP with acapellas and what not. Also, Underground Oddities Vol 2 may be released at the same time. My vocals may not be fully mixed down on the 2 or 3 newer songs but honestly, that's what these compilations are about… the roughness haha. And of course, the long awaited Def Jux Mash Up, I apologize for the wait, I'm in the final recording phase for the last 2 songs. And the mix down is cake now thanks to the sweet new preamp setup in the studio.

If you're into music and in the Miami area hit me up, I start school in the fall at Miami-Dade College Wolfson campus. Find me there or at Volume Studios in Hialeah, working on my own stuff and mixing down projects for other people. Who knows, maybe I record you! That sounded dirty didn't it? Well that's about it and I feel kinda like a douche writing my blog at Starbucks, so peace out!

Album Review: SunDream – Photosynthesis

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SunDream is WanderLust Dream on production and 7th Sun and Low Key providing the vocals.

Photosynthesis has a very West Coast summertime feel. The overall message of the record is very uplifting and maintains its sustenance throughout the entire album. The intro was a bit confusing to me because of the styles mixed but I found myself ignoring what was said and just vibing the beat. "Laws of Nature" and "Sacred Plants" (which seems to contain a part of a verse that was intended for a failed Iron Lung collab) are both very strong songs and represent the main idea of the album well, the mixture of both emcees blends well in those tracks and are will more than likely make you want to blast your system. "Bills" is a good transition to the self-explanatory "Summer Jam" which made me feel like going outside and hugging nature. There were only a few let down songs, but that could be due to my distaste for auto-tune in hip hop music, for example "Star Seed" seemed to insist upon itself. However, "Living Water" brings the album right back on track, I loved the beat for this song and the lyrics where on point.

Again, despite the auto tuned vocals in the middle of the track, "Stormy Weather" works well. The beat is very well made and 7th Sun and Low Key's voices fit it well. "Change the Frequency" is pretty awesome. The small spoken word section near the end of the song is what did it for me and the auto tune actually does makes sense for this track given its title and content. As for "Abduction"; I just didn't seem to get. I couldn't get into it until about 2:40 when the beat changes up, I guess when can put it in the let down section for me. "Lights in the Sky" is an incredibly good track. 7th Sun's faster delivery sits nice next to the acoustic guitar breaks and the Low Key coming back into the song. It's definitely one of the bangers on this album and had me back to higher volumes. "Healing Energy" kept me listening at max volume. The beginning of the track got my head bobbing and I was set. My only issue is I think it might have been a track better suited just for 7th Sun by himself. Wanderlust's producing has evolved again, I found myself repeating this track just to listen to more of the beat. I heard a small Dub Step style bass in the background and I was hooked. The album's closer "Clear Skies" is a good selection to end it all on. The beat is a mixture of a chilled out tone and upbeat synths. The two emcees gave the track plenty of space to breath which lets the listener really appreciate the sounds capping off the album.

Overall, Photosynthesis is a well thought out concept album that exudes summer, nature, and an overall good vibe. 7th Sun and Wanderlust always make a good combination and the addition of Low Key adds to the relaxed feel of it all. Despite the auto tune and just 2 tracks I would more than likely skip on future listens, this is one album that will stay in my car for the entire summer. Somehow, this album reminds me of the very first Atmosphere album with Slug and MC Spawn, "Overcast!" maybe in the way that I look forward to hearing what the next evolution of SunDream will sound like.