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Clearing the air

Ok, ok, so I feel like I have to clear a few things up. I may be an asshole but I hate being a dick. So, if you have recently asked me to do a song with you or produce something for you or something along those lines and I haven't gotten back to you or straight up refused, it's for three reasons:

  1. I no longer have my own home studio, I'm working out of Volume Studios in Hialeah and they squeeze me in for free, so it's not really in my control when I can record because I'm pretty broke.
  2. Because of #1, I have a pretty decent backlog of songs I need to record and I kind of have them in order already. I'll post them here for you to see.
  3. I just don't like you, your material, or something of the sort… but if that REALLY is the reason why, I'm sure I would've said something.

So no I haven't forgotten, no I'm not dodging you on purpose, yes I know the Def Jux Mixtape is already late… these are all things I'm working on. Everyone who is waiting on a song from me has been spoiled by my notoriously quick turnaround times when I had my own setup. Datpiff.com is waiting on the Def Jux thing so that's first on my list. Actually let me just go ahead and show you my list.

Lung's need to record list


No More Books    - Def Jux Mixtape (being recorded live in 1 take) 

Getaway Car     - Def Jux Mixtape (re-do vocals and mix down)

Perfect World    - Def Jux Mixtape (re-do vocals and mix down)

Citronella     - Def Jux Mixtape (1 and a half verses of freshness)


Warning         - MuseSick collab (she's been waiting awhile and its only 2 verses)

Lethal          - Collab track with PoisonHands (vocals were done in 1 take, just need to mix it down)

Home            - Single produced by Skott Phree (only 2 verses)

Grand Illusion     - Phil G collab (1 verse awesomeness)


Table Talk             - Underground Oddities Vol 2

Mirrors Facing Mirrors     - Underground Oddities Vol 2

Our Season             - Underground Oddities Vol 2


The Cycle             - TSATR Project

Kissing As A Public Secret     - TSATR Project

Poison Ivy             - TSATR Project



After all this is done, I can start recording the 5 new songs for the F@WKYOULUCY album, which will be my first and final album as Iron Lung; It's actually going to be a short album too, 9 songs and a couple bonus instrumentals. Start sending me your questions and hate mail "because Lung is all ears."Oh also, I'm a bit stumped for album artwork so you can send me some art or ideas to my email, IronLungMiami@yahoo.com, you have a good chance your art will make it onto the album somehow. Hope everyone has a good week.

Love Always,