You Are What You Eat

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            For years the American food giants have had the nation’s diet in a strangle hold. It is a handful of companies that truly govern what goes into our bodies (Food). This is not just something that affects a few of us; this will affect us all, and even our children and future generations to come. The food industry has been manipulating the nation’s dietary lifestyle through misleading marketing, monopolization of the industry, and having the law on their side thanks to high-powered attorneys and implicated legislators. Fighting such a monstrous machine can seem like a daunting task, and often we may find ourselves asking, “How can I actually make a difference?” If we shift our focus from the national picture and start small, we can make the biggest impact. By educating ourselves on what goes into our bodies and what’s in our food, as well as using the legislative system to our advantage, we can start to change the industry that is plaguing our nation and how we live. By implementing these steps we can then start to counter the industry with our own alternatives, such as buying local goods, learning about sustainable farming, and getting involved with our legislators.
            Education is the first step. We have to remove the proverbial blinders that we have grown accustomed to. The entire industry as a whole has removed us from the connection we once shared with our food. It has become desensitized. The end result, we no longer pay attention to what goes into our bodies, and if we do, we don’t know what has gone into our food. “The old saying “you are what you eat,” also applies to the animals we consume (Bongiorno).” Chicken, for example, is one of the most consumed meats on the planet. Chickens are farmed together in these cramped spaces to be able to maximize profits (Food). The animals are inhumanely de-beaked so they don’t kill each other, and they are slowly fed low doses of arsenic and antibiotics in an effort to help keep them disease free since they end up walking on their own feces (Bongiorno). This is the best instance to illustrate how the wool is being pulled over our eyes. Especially now with a quasi-uprising against the food industry, they are fooling us into thinking they are complying. They accomplish this through misleading packaging and loosely adapted words. “Natural”. You see this word everywhere now, but just because it says natural, does not assure it is. USDA Certified Organic is the most natural regulated food you can buy short of growing your own or visiting a farmers market. In this case, our chickens would be fed 100% vegetarian organic feed (Bongiorno). The most misleading package would be the one that says “Natural” chicken. According to the USDA, the word “Natural” signifies that the product is minimally processed, has no artificial flavoring, coloring, chemical preservatives or artificial or synthetic ingredients (NOP). This is actually the minimum requirement for all processed chicken, and it makes no statements about genetically altered products. To make matters worse, currently there is no third party system in place to verify these requirements are being met. To be green in our households, we can make sure we have a clean surface to prepare and cook, this will help eliminate illness. We can also remove all the skin from the chicken, and try and buy organic whenever possible (Bongiorno). To eradicate the problem, we must eliminate or cut down on our dairy, meat, and poultry consumption.
            We are being misled in several ways by packaging alone. We are lead to believe that products with the words “natural” and “healthy” really are just that, and we indulge. The biggest mistake people make is eating the entire package contents. A good majority of consumers are not aware of the serving sizes for the snacks and meals they are eating. Marketing plays a huge role in this. “Buy more, save more. 20% more free! 0%Trans Fat, One can, one serving.” These are all things we are enticed to consider. So we drink that can, that was actually two servings, and save another for lunch since they were “buy one, get one free”. The marketing and labels are fooling us all. Dr. David Ludwig of Children’s Hospital Boston researched this very epidemic and its links to childhood obesity. About the marketing ploys used, Dr. Ludwig says, “…there are the commercials that promote consumption of the highest calorie, poorest quality foods imaginable. A child today sees an estimated 10,000 food commercials a year, mostly for junk food. And of course junk foods have invaded every walk of life, including school vending machines.” (Gillham).
            Through these marketing tactics, the food industry has become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. They have taken over the mainstream media and made it nearly impossible for the smaller independent farmers to compete. They have also managed to become influential in departments that would cause a conflict of interest, such as the FDA. “In 1972, the FDA conducted approximately 50,000 food safety inspections. In 2006, the FDA conducted 9,164 (Food). ” This shows over an 80% drop in safety inspections of food processing plants, a number that is still steadily on the decline. Unfortunately, due to how our economy is brainwashed to think, the motto of cheaper is always better reigns supreme. This would explain why genetically altered products, pesticides, and factory farming are still accepted the norm.
            It is lax thinking like this that leads to the death of 5,000 Americans each year from foodborne illness (Food). E.coli poisoning and salmonella are the two major threats to our health posed from factory-farmed produce.  In fact, “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 76 million Americans are sickened, 325,000 are hospitalized and 5,000 die each year from foodborne illnesses (Food).” Being followed closely only by cancer, the number 1 killer in the United States according to the CDC is heart disease (Fast). Our vast consumption of meat, cheese, milk and eggs, is slowly digging our graves. We need to learn from the example presented in Kevin’s Law and demand a shift in national food safety (Food).
            There are several different ways we can attack this beast of an issue on a smaller scale to be able to make a significant difference in the long run. By educating ourselves on what goes into our bodies and what’s in our food, as well as using the legislative system to our advantage, we can start to change the industry that is plaguing our nation and how we live. By implementing these steps we can then start to counter the industry with our own alternatives, such as buying local goods, learning about sustainable farming, and getting involved with our legislators.
The first step of being informed is by far the biggest. The removing of the blinders and coming to terms with what is the current situation of our national food system will help us break the cycle we are stuck in. By understanding nutrition and how our bodies work, we will be much more knowledgeable and thus not easily fooled when it comes to clever marketing ploys or misleading package info. We can help break the domination they maintain on the industry by buying from local farmers. “…The average food product travels about 1,500 miles to get to your grocery store” and this is not even taking into consideration the greenhouse gasses emitted from transportation needed to move it (Food).
As consumers, we need to make it a point to be informed. We should know what is in our food and where it is coming from. Pesticides are linked to autism and other neurological disorders (CDC). We should also look into sustainable farming. Even the smallest garden planted makes a huge difference. But to truly change the way the industry is manipulating how we eat, we need to take it to the top. Congress has to hear our voice in order to enact changes to how the food industry runs. Kevin’s Law has been proposed several times, but it always gets vetoed before becoming a law. Kevin’s Law would in fact allow the USDA the ability to enforce its own regulations but being able to shut down plants that continually breach basic health standards (Revive). We need to take the power back from the food industry. Through understanding our bodies and principles of human nutrition, we can break the cycle and start a new paradigm. Also, by using the legislature to our advantage and staying informed, we can shape the future of the industry, along with applying healthier alternatives like, buying from local farmers markets, looking into small personal sustainable gardens, and reviving Kevin’s Law and other such laws that would shift the balance back our way (Revive). Stay smart, stay informed and stay green, since we are what we eat.


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Studio REDUX!!

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Yo yo, what up hip hop headz!!!

Well I know school has kinda taken me away from writing here as often as I wanted to but anyway here's the deal.
My hard drive crashed with all the studio files on it… and by crashed I mean the arm that reads the drive is hitting the wall so I can't access the info. The ENTIRE Lucy album is on there so I need to save up a bit and get it fixed.
That explains me not going into the studio to record my album, but I still have a few songs and verses I promised to others I haven't done yet. The solution? Home studio redux!!!

I have ordered a bunch of new equipment as a Christmas gift to myself (let's face it, no one loves me THAT much). Anyway I was borrowing a midi from Triple D (the other half of LAMEBOT) to work on beats and produce madness but I recently got my new baby, an Axiom 61 V2… still playing around and figuring out stuff on it. I also ordered a new mic that should be here next week. That means I should have a handful of songs done.
The mac has been the best investment I've made. I am now running Pro Tools 8 HD on here and it runs super smooth. I'm making my music off Reason 4 mainly but also using Pro Tools 8 HD and Logic 9 Pro and utilizing ReWire.

In other news… I'll be trying to wrap up a few projects before the end of the year, including an official LAMEBOT EP and my project with the legend, C-Rayz Walz, The Return of the Black Samurai. Shit is gonna be fire!!!! My production is mainly using Asian instruments, choppy drums, and fuzzy bass lines… with C-Rayz doing all the spittin', this should be a cd that you can leave in your car's disc changer.

If you're feeling the cover art and the project idea, leave some love on the facebook

Apart from that, I have two solo tracks you Dub and Electro enthusiasts should check out. One I made for Reznor and his soundtrack for The Social Network movie, I took the idea in his track and raped it and came out with my own twisted version.

And I also had to write a few papers for a class, I decided to substitute one of those papers with a musical interpretation, and thus I give you… The Yellow Wallpaper. Check the description for more deets.

Iight yo, I leave you with that. You'll be hearing from me soon!

Requiem... lyrics off a Lucy track

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the instrumental is done and so are the lyrics but it has yet to be recorded.
here are the lyrics


Just a flick of her wrist sent me swirling into autobahn speeds searching for a need to flee the octagon. Its part of the service surely noticed and converted into something more then I could offer at the moment. I’m heavily wounded, she moves in for the kill but decides to shift the blame just to add to the guilt. It’s bad enough I already feel discomfort, now she’s out to remind me of what I took from her. Licks her lips slowly trying to taste the musk scent left in the air she could almost smell the blood. I was left leaking looking lower then my reasons. I could barely even stand, how the hell am I still breathing? Mildly amused at the strength that I exude; expression like kabuki as I finally made a move. I let out a laugh and took a few steps just to stand eye to eye and mumble under my breath… “I took our time together put it all in a pile and watched it all escape as I lit up the torch. Why force the issue. We can never be friends but with every failed attempt I see you beat a dead horse.”

I’m not like the rest of them, squandering and miscreant. At your funeral, yes I will sing your requiem. Finally sleeping fully covered up by leeches. One with your own kind I hope you rot in pieces.

Love bites and razorblades, reasoning on why you’re late. I don’t need to guess, I smell the traces of his aftershave. I started to speak but decided to just leave; I promptly turned around just to hear your speech. So every now and then I must be on your mind because writing random letters must take up some time. I kind of cut it close but my teeth held my tongue back. All I did was smile as you held my heart with both hands. Staring with a rotten calm eyeing up your bloody palms; arguing the nerve to take what’s left before it’s gone. I can feel the pressure extruded by every finger pressing in your nails just to make it wither. Whether or not you think this makes it better, the selfishness displayed doesn’t compliment your figure. Oh great, I can almost hear your response…“without me you wouldn’t write these songs.” “There’s truth in that statement but you’re missing the point, I’m actually really grateful for what happened. There’s no looking back because we both made a choice. Sorry, I no longer supply what you’re lacking.”

I’m not like the rest of them, squandering and miscreant. At your funeral, yes I will sing your requiem. Finally sleeping fully covered up by leeches. One with your own kind I hope you rot in pieces.

She dug her teeth into my veins trying to suck out all the plasma, draining my excuses thirsty chasing down an answer. I am just a man and we no longer are a tandem, when your heart turns black I will gladly eat your cancer while it still beats clumping fluids on floor. Rhythmically it speaks all the sayings I ignore. Constantly it leaks leaving stains upon the sleeves of both extended arms twitching mildly out of reach. Rolling on my back trying to catch my breath I inhaled quick trying to fill my chest. Exhaled, oops, there you went along with every other problem as a consequence. I got to my feet with a hand on the dresser, finally stood up and felt so much better. Shook off the shock when the lights switched off and all I heard was a loud voice talk… “I took our time together put it all in a pile and watched it all escape as I lit up the torch. Why force the issue. We can never be friends but with every failed attempt I see you beat a dead horse.”

I’m not like the rest of them, squandering and miscreant. At your funeral, yes I will sing your requiem. Finally sleeping fully covered up by leeches. One with your own kind I hope you rot in pieces.


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Is finally out and ready for download! I've gotten nothing but positive reviews thus far, and that's not to say it didn't come with creative criticism. So far everyone's insight has been helpful as far as what you guys want to hear from me. But I'm glad you're enjoying it. You can listen to/download it here
<a href="">Getaway Car (Bad Thieves Mix) by Iron Lung</a>

Last night, I went to "The Heartbeats Unlimited" Networking Social. It's this whole multimedia get together to help out the American Heart Association. find out more about it here. It was pretty awesome to see some of Miami's finest out of their regular element. I handed out some samplers of both Iron Lung and LAMEBOT. The Iron Lung sampler actually had all 7 tracks off the Juxtaposition mix as well as a re-dub of Doctor P's Neon, 2 other tracks that have yet to release and some of my NIN remixes…. It was a great freebie in my opinion so if you got one, enjoy! The LAMEBOT sampler had 5 tracks. Of course it opens with the Ketchup song which is 300 views strong now!

It also had the 2 versions of Megatron Meltdown and 2 preview tracks off the upcoming EP. If you got the LAMEBOT sampler, feedback is greatly needed!!!

After that we had a dinner reservation at Smok't, this very nice southern cooking with a twist type place where we began a small celebration. Luckily, our server was this very cool person I haven't seen in awhile and we got to catch up during some down time. The fiasco continued at Crazy Piano's where we shut the place down, and me leaving with no voice and not waking up till 2pm lol. overall a great Saturday, with a mixtape release, a social networking event, good food and great friends, yelling out classic songs, drinks and, damn I forgot where I was going with this…. But it was a good day.

Jukie News

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Yo yo, what up y'all. Well its finally among us, a firm release date for the Def Jux / Iron Lung mash up mixtape. It will be available as a free download from this Saturday the 14th. It has 5 main tracks and 2 bonus tracks and all new verses from me. If you visit the myspace you can hear a few tracks off of it right now! Screw it, I'll make it even easier… there you go, just hit PLAY!

Get Flash now!

In order to listen or view this content you will have to upgrade your version of Flash.

Peace out ninjas! More new music coming soon!!!

Return of the Black Samurai

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So without going too much into personal detail because its not my place, I'll try and let you in on what's going on… 

My man C-Rayz and I have been down for awhile now so I've gotten to know him a person and not just as an emcee. He's got some legal stuff going on and I reached out to help with some of the fees with an idea for a small EP in which all the proceeds would end up going to help "Free Rayz Walz". Now there is no name for this joint project and it's not solidified yet, but what I can say is, the beats made for this so far are similar to like old MF Doom in how the kind of sound like a long loop with some simple deep bass lines and glitched drum patterns. BUT, they have a lot of oriental instrumentation, all of which is original and played since I don't want to sample a thing and have to clear rights and what not. Now, if you want to help him/us out you can in a few simple ways:

  1. Stop by both our pages and leave a little love on the subject, tell us how you would feel about a Lung/Walz EP and what you'd expect to hear.
  2. If you want to feature C-Rayz on a track for any of your projects, he's more than likely willing to do so and right now you can catch him at a pretty low price of $500 a track. (get at him directly and tell him I sent you OR message me first if you're shy)
That's pretty much it as far as how you can help out directly. So spread the word and leaves us some thoughts.

I hit the studio Monday, and I don't want to keep expecting to have something new for you but I'll be mixing down whatever I can get out of there Monday night at home during the rest of the week. Hopefully before month's end, you'll hear some new Iron Lung and some right out of the oven LAMEBOT. Classes start up for me in a like 2 weeks so I want to take advantage now. The first song I'll be trying to mix down and have out for you to hear is the opening track off the Def Jux project, which is a remix of Getaway Car with Aesop Rock.

And on a random, I have officially decided to learn to play guitar. My two main sound influences for that are Mick Thomson (Slipknot) Matt Fox (Shai Hulud which I recently got to meet) so wish me luck!

Well that's it for now. I'll leave you with all the links so you can support C-Rayz, myself, and our possible project.




another new hosted blog

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Hey everyone, ok so if you didnt already know i do all my own graphics and what not, so i've been contracting my services out to the general public.

First up was
a blog created for three good friends of mine taking their emerging photography skills to the interwebz

Now I bring you....
a blog created for a record label out of North Carolina run by Skott Phree, a very talented producer I've had the luck of knowing for years. If you like pure hip hop or anything like Tribe, Flying Lotus and stuff like that, check this cat out... dope dope stuff.

I was trying to record today but the whole studio was booked so I'll try and get squeezed in this weekend or early next week. I wanna have a new project in your hands by the end of the month.

anyways check out both blogs and lemme know how you like them and the design and if your bored check my older posts... spread the word and i'll keep spreading the music.

next time y'all

J Dilla – Donut Shop

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Friggin' Dilla, I love his beats man. I just got my advance copy of Dilla's Donut Shop which is a limited release through Stones Throw. Oh, before I forget Seu Jorge has something new on Stones Throw too! Well technically speaking it's out through "Now-Again Records". Nevertheless, the Portuguese wonder boy teamed up with Almaz to make a new record which is currently on tour. For those of you going "who the hell is Seu Jorge?" you might remember him from City of God or as the singing guitarist in The Life Aquatic who did all the amazing David Bowie covers (which I own all of them hehe). Anyways if you want to check out what they sound like, you can download "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" by clicking here.

Ok back to Dilla… Donut Shop is actually just 6 tracks of some classic Dilla instrumentals. It kicks off with a beat sampling a song that I once tried to flip several times and failed, The Safety Dance. I love how it was done and I was vibing the whole way, another minute and I woulda been busting freestyles. One here we also got the Mos Def instrumental to "History" and the Busta instrumental for "You Can't Hold A Torch". It's a must own for DJ's and beat makers.

Here's a copy paste from the site:

"A collaboration of Serato, Stones Throw and the J Dilla Estate.  This is a 2LP collection of J Dilla instrumentals backed with Serato Control Tone for Serato DJs. 
2 SIDES MUSIC Six J Dilla Instrumentals - three previously unreleased tracks, and three previously unreleased instrumentals for Mos Def, Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip.
2 SIDES SERATO Serato Control Tone for use with Serato Scratch Live DJ software."

It's vinyl only and comes with two records, and two very stylish Donut Slipmats for your tables. If you want a preview, click here for The Safety Dance Mp3. Here's the link to order your own copy, or click here if you're lazy: I'm LAZY.

So yeah, aside from that I will hopefully get my ass in the studio soon and drop some of my own new unreleased goodness soon. Peace out my ninjas!

Me, I’m Not

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Hey guys, ok check it, I'm sure you've all heard already but I got another remix track up on the NIN site. It's a slightly dubbed out mix of "Me, I'm Not" off the Year Zero album. You can listen to it and download it for free off the site here I debated for a sec about making a whole album of NIN remixes, BUT I will hold off until I'm done recording the Lucy album and if there is enough interest in hearing such a thing.

Speaking of new projects… Aesop Rock and Cage are teaming up to bring us the new "Two of Every Animal". It should be a mix of both on vocals and Aes on the beats. I liked "Hail Mary Mallon" so this should be interesting. And Felt 3 was super sick.

I'm hosting another blog too btw. For all of you guys into art and photography, a few friends of mine have decided to bring their photography skills to the cyber world. There aren't any posts up yet but you can subscribe or at least check it out here

Lamebot is trudging along, we still need lyrics for 2 more songs and to lay down the vocals for all of them… getting in the studio has been an issue for both Iron Lung and Lamebot, but what can we do? I'm sure you guys will love our covers (which range from The Rolling Stone to Kanye West lol) and the EP. We're still looking for a label to help us release the EP so if you know of anything help us out!

Ok, well I think that's it for now, back to cleaning house and cleaning my hard drives :/

Free Downloads and caffeine…

7/20/2010 10:44:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung / comments (1)

Yo yo what up my ninjas? See the blog got a nice lil facelift… that's NY in the pic of course… I miss that city. Anyways here goes a few quick things bout what's going.

  1. New project dropped called "Iron Phil-Aments"
    1. It was a collab project between me and Phil G where I handled the production and mixing and only made 2 guest appearances on vocals. You can listen to it or get your free copy on here Iron Phil-aments FREE on

  2. A few older albums with broken links are back online
    1. Underground Oddities Vol 1 is back online here Underground_Oddities_Vol_1 FREE on

    2. Severe Warning Promo, the mega mix I made for The Weathermen is also back and ready for pimpin' here The_Weathermen Severe Warning Promo Mixed by Iron Lung
      1. By the way I had to throw in random songs because there is a 5 track minimum to be able to set them for download, so the first track is the actual mega mix, the other 4 are just goodies.
  3. My remix with NIN is now available to listen and a free download from their site here The Greater Good Remix Featuring Iron Lung

  4. I recently signed on to do a song for DJ A.I. on an upcoming album being released through Godsendant.
    1. It's actually for a concept album about a city called "Neo-Gotham" and its super heroes. My song is written from the point of view of my favorite comic book character, Spawn.
Aside from that, not much else is going on. I refuse to do anymore shows until I am at least in the recording process of the Lucy album. And I got a ways to go before I get there. The next few things I release will be pretty close together. I don't even want to put them in order but I'll be putting out a free digital 12" of Warning, a song produced by Muse Sick that I've been using at my live shows for a while. It will be a four song LP with acapellas and what not. Also, Underground Oddities Vol 2 may be released at the same time. My vocals may not be fully mixed down on the 2 or 3 newer songs but honestly, that's what these compilations are about… the roughness haha. And of course, the long awaited Def Jux Mash Up, I apologize for the wait, I'm in the final recording phase for the last 2 songs. And the mix down is cake now thanks to the sweet new preamp setup in the studio.

If you're into music and in the Miami area hit me up, I start school in the fall at Miami-Dade College Wolfson campus. Find me there or at Volume Studios in Hialeah, working on my own stuff and mixing down projects for other people. Who knows, maybe I record you! That sounded dirty didn't it? Well that's about it and I feel kinda like a douche writing my blog at Starbucks, so peace out!

Album Review: SunDream – Photosynthesis

7/01/2010 01:33:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung / comments (0)

SunDream is WanderLust Dream on production and 7th Sun and Low Key providing the vocals.

Photosynthesis has a very West Coast summertime feel. The overall message of the record is very uplifting and maintains its sustenance throughout the entire album. The intro was a bit confusing to me because of the styles mixed but I found myself ignoring what was said and just vibing the beat. "Laws of Nature" and "Sacred Plants" (which seems to contain a part of a verse that was intended for a failed Iron Lung collab) are both very strong songs and represent the main idea of the album well, the mixture of both emcees blends well in those tracks and are will more than likely make you want to blast your system. "Bills" is a good transition to the self-explanatory "Summer Jam" which made me feel like going outside and hugging nature. There were only a few let down songs, but that could be due to my distaste for auto-tune in hip hop music, for example "Star Seed" seemed to insist upon itself. However, "Living Water" brings the album right back on track, I loved the beat for this song and the lyrics where on point.

Again, despite the auto tuned vocals in the middle of the track, "Stormy Weather" works well. The beat is very well made and 7th Sun and Low Key's voices fit it well. "Change the Frequency" is pretty awesome. The small spoken word section near the end of the song is what did it for me and the auto tune actually does makes sense for this track given its title and content. As for "Abduction"; I just didn't seem to get. I couldn't get into it until about 2:40 when the beat changes up, I guess when can put it in the let down section for me. "Lights in the Sky" is an incredibly good track. 7th Sun's faster delivery sits nice next to the acoustic guitar breaks and the Low Key coming back into the song. It's definitely one of the bangers on this album and had me back to higher volumes. "Healing Energy" kept me listening at max volume. The beginning of the track got my head bobbing and I was set. My only issue is I think it might have been a track better suited just for 7th Sun by himself. Wanderlust's producing has evolved again, I found myself repeating this track just to listen to more of the beat. I heard a small Dub Step style bass in the background and I was hooked. The album's closer "Clear Skies" is a good selection to end it all on. The beat is a mixture of a chilled out tone and upbeat synths. The two emcees gave the track plenty of space to breath which lets the listener really appreciate the sounds capping off the album.

Overall, Photosynthesis is a well thought out concept album that exudes summer, nature, and an overall good vibe. 7th Sun and Wanderlust always make a good combination and the addition of Low Key adds to the relaxed feel of it all. Despite the auto tune and just 2 tracks I would more than likely skip on future listens, this is one album that will stay in my car for the entire summer. Somehow, this album reminds me of the very first Atmosphere album with Slug and MC Spawn, "Overcast!" maybe in the way that I look forward to hearing what the next evolution of SunDream will sound like.


6/06/2010 02:19:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung / comments (0)

Clearing the air

Ok, ok, so I feel like I have to clear a few things up. I may be an asshole but I hate being a dick. So, if you have recently asked me to do a song with you or produce something for you or something along those lines and I haven't gotten back to you or straight up refused, it's for three reasons:

  1. I no longer have my own home studio, I'm working out of Volume Studios in Hialeah and they squeeze me in for free, so it's not really in my control when I can record because I'm pretty broke.
  2. Because of #1, I have a pretty decent backlog of songs I need to record and I kind of have them in order already. I'll post them here for you to see.
  3. I just don't like you, your material, or something of the sort… but if that REALLY is the reason why, I'm sure I would've said something.

So no I haven't forgotten, no I'm not dodging you on purpose, yes I know the Def Jux Mixtape is already late… these are all things I'm working on. Everyone who is waiting on a song from me has been spoiled by my notoriously quick turnaround times when I had my own setup. is waiting on the Def Jux thing so that's first on my list. Actually let me just go ahead and show you my list.

Lung's need to record list


No More Books    - Def Jux Mixtape (being recorded live in 1 take) 

Getaway Car     - Def Jux Mixtape (re-do vocals and mix down)

Perfect World    - Def Jux Mixtape (re-do vocals and mix down)

Citronella     - Def Jux Mixtape (1 and a half verses of freshness)


Warning         - MuseSick collab (she's been waiting awhile and its only 2 verses)

Lethal          - Collab track with PoisonHands (vocals were done in 1 take, just need to mix it down)

Home            - Single produced by Skott Phree (only 2 verses)

Grand Illusion     - Phil G collab (1 verse awesomeness)


Table Talk             - Underground Oddities Vol 2

Mirrors Facing Mirrors     - Underground Oddities Vol 2

Our Season             - Underground Oddities Vol 2


The Cycle             - TSATR Project

Kissing As A Public Secret     - TSATR Project

Poison Ivy             - TSATR Project



After all this is done, I can start recording the 5 new songs for the F@WKYOULUCY album, which will be my first and final album as Iron Lung; It's actually going to be a short album too, 9 songs and a couple bonus instrumentals. Start sending me your questions and hate mail "because Lung is all ears."Oh also, I'm a bit stumped for album artwork so you can send me some art or ideas to my email,, you have a good chance your art will make it onto the album somehow. Hope everyone has a good week.

Love Always,


Just a few more things…

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What up my ninjas….

So in true asshole fashion I completely forgot to talk about a few things in my last blog and I got lil new tidbits of news too.



Quite possibly the best high energy hip hop show I've seen. I first met these guys in Jacksonville, FL 2008 while playing the Creeks Art and Music Festival. I liked their set, and since that, they've been hard at work making new material. "Schizophonics" drove all the way down to play "The Blender" show with us here in Miami and it was 2 kart-wheels past awesome. Each of them have this incredible flow I found myself trying to follow while I was working the sound lol. They got the crowd into it early and didn't let anyone not enjoy themselves. They were definitely a stand out act. Some of my friends who copped their CD at the show are still bumping them now. "Radio rap… is not hip hop" now that's a chant!

Hopefully I'll get stuff done in time to do another show with them, quite possibly in Jacksonville or Orlando.


Juxtaposition, DatPiff and more

The upcoming mash-up project for "Def Jux" seems to be running a bit late but still on schedule. The other songs I have left to record verses for can get done in one session, and then a few more sessions to finish mixing it all. I'm not sure if I'll have time to put some remixes on this thing but either way, will be the exclusive place to download it. There are only a few songs needed to finish up "Underground Oddities Vol 2" so they might be released at around the same time. After that, it's just 3 songs for the "Serpent and the Rainbow" single and hopefully show time once again.


That's pretty much it aside from the fact the list of movies I've been meaning to see but somehow keep forgetting to go to keeps growing…

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Iron Man 2
  • Survival of the Dead
  • Splice

Any other suggestions? Just one question though, why does everyone think releasing a movie in 3-D will make a shitty movie amazing??? STEP-UP 3-D?!?! WHY!?!?! The Step-Up movies are ok if, like most dance movies, you ignore the dialogue and just watch it like a really long music video. There's only so much you can do for the actual story and it's played out. That and they always throw in B-boys like pizza toppings; lord knows it would never work the other way around: "yeah we're a breaking crew, yo we should get some ballet ninjas in here!" lol 3-D really…. And in Paris?! Ugh why…. I'll end up downloading it lol.

Shows, releases and updates for summer 2010

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What up everyone?!?! A bunch of new things to get started on here… this is gonna be a long one so clear some time!



I guess I should start by saying I've upped my internet game a bit. I got a Facebook a little while ago and a Reverbnation as well. Now, I'm writing 1 blog that will hopefully be importing to all the sites I'm on (,,,, so sorry if you get some info twice. I used to have an but ever since they changed their format, I stopped using it and updating it. I recently updated my but seriously, who goes on that thing? I just wanted to make sure my old bio was taken off. I got soundcloud at a friend's suggestion and I like it because you can actually tell me something about the tracks I put up there at any specific point in time, like "Oh, I like the synth @1:08" or something of that sort. I fought the Facebook thing for a while but its proven to be where most people are at and I've been on MySpace since 2002 so I'll never go… despite crazy password changing account hacking ex gf's I'm still here lol. And it's where I get to show off my crazy Photoshop layout skills :D



Reverbnation is actually really fucking cool. I don't know why I did get on that sooner. If you don't have a page there I suggest you go make a profile and follow me there and Facebook since those are now the profiles I check on the most! RN has a cool store feature on the site where you can now FINALLY purchase some of the newer Iron Lung shirts everyone has been hounding me for. The do basic shirts so the crazy huge design ones will have to wait, along with the LHC hoodie so I can find a supplier to do things the right way. Along with the shirts, RN is also exclusively carrying a REISSUE of "Samurai Electro"; my 2008 EP that was given out locally in the central Florida area and at the Atmosphere "When Life Gives You Lemons" tour. (Btw if you got a CD from the atmosphere show, blueprint and I talked about working on a project together in the future so stay tuned!) This reissue has a total of 14 tracks. If you got the original free download, you know it has 4 tracks (track 4 has an extra hidden song after about 30 seconds of silence which was all recorded in 1 take). The first 4 tracks are the same; the difference is that now you also get the 5 instrumentals and the 5 acapellas as well on 1 CD. And you can get a physical copy mailed too, not just the mp3s! As we speak, I'm uploading for the physical version of "The Lonely Hearts Club (FL Chapter)". If you have no clue what that is, it is my first full length instrumental album. The download version included an enhanced CD flash website. I honestly don't have the money to host a separate domain JUST for that, so if you plan on buying a physical copy of LHC or just want to see what I did on Flash you can download it here. LHC Enhanced CD Flash Site or copy paste this link if your browser sucks and you can also download all the artwork contributed for the LHC ART project here LHC: Music=Art=Life or again copy paste this link if your browser sucks



Ok to all the jukies out there, I honestly have no clue what's going on with Def Jux right anymore and I have friends on both sides of the issue so as of now, I'm staying out of it. All I do know is that the Mash Up project is still in progress and I need to head back to the studio to finish recording it. Right now it stands at a total of 5 tracks including a live version of "No More Books" that I always open shows with (over El-P's "Good Morning"). It's also going to include my acapellas for every track. I was also thinking about maybe making a new beat or two and dropping them to some old verses from some of the jukies. If that's gonna be too much of a process, I won't do it. I want to have this thing in your hands by mid June, along with "Underground Oddities Vol 2". The Def Jux / Iron Lung Mash Up might be an exclusive download from, still not sure about that one. After those 2 projects are in the bag, I'm immediately starting work on a few single releases that will be sold through RN as cheaply as possible.



I pretty much have no downtime music wise until the new LUCY project is done and laying in a coffin, so I may not be so willing to do shows and collabs until then, so don't be offended because I can't start recording for it until everything else is done and as it stands now, I'm looking at about 9 tracks, 3 of which are older, unmastered recordings from 2008 and 1 is an instrumental. At the end of it I'll also be including 3 of the instrumentals from the record, putting the play time right around 50 minutes. The title for it is F@WKYOULUCY and it will be sold through RN and or CDBABY once it's done. This will more than likely be my last self-propelled release until I get some kind of deal (distribution or otherwise). I have standing arrangements for short EP's with producers "Skott Phree" and "Mr. Poison Hands". The idea behind it is mainly just trying to finish something I started a long time ago, this has been about 3 years in the making and it's mainly because I didn't want to write about it. Coming up with the lyrics for this, I had to put myself in a dark and angry place, and I didn't like being there. It depressed me and angered me and was no good. Eventually my feelings changed and it got harder to connect with that specific time. So my writing about it is now from a more objective point of view and a bit more creative then I would have allowed myself to be a few years ago. I hope you like it, or I'll be hanging by myself with a rafter and a belt ;)



<img src="">

The show at Volume Studios went over well and it was my first time holding an event so I'm glad the people came through. We barely made enough to cover the room rental but it worked out in the end. I wanna give a big thank you to my boy Leo from "Urbe Prima" for helping me with the sound, live sound is not my thing so yeah, thanks for helping me out! And "Urbe Prima" played an amazing set; it was my first time hearing the new lineup too. "The Steak Dolls" also rocked the placed for their first show in almost 5 years! Hopefully we'll hear more about them later. Canio, DJ Dirty Gill, The Late Messenger and DJ iCue had to cancel but since we had to cut the show times due to angry neighbors, it seemed to be for the better. We started almost a full hour late. Local emcee Sky Skrappa filled in as the opening act followed by Hollywood Money (whom I may be producing a mixtape for soon) and then I took the mic and actually cut my set short to save time. It was a damn good time too, capped off by a diet breaking 3,000 calorie sandwich and a 3am trip to the beach! After the show, a bunch of the people there kept telling me how much they liked "Skeleton Dance" (a brand new song I did live at the show). I'll try and get that recorded as a single ASAP!



Right now I'm not really looking to book anything at least until I finish my next 3 projects, so that I'll have more material for longer sets and more stuff for you guys to hear. RN and have me booked for 3 shows in 2 states and I really have no clue how it happened because I was never contacted. One of them is in Washington State and I feel they might have gotten me mixed up with the powercore band. Same name so it seems possible. Anyways, yeah I guess I'm taking a break from shows in order to record. To make up for it, I PROMISE FREE COMPILATION CDs at my next shows filled with new stuff and some oldie but goodies.



For the handful of you who truly follow me closely, you may or may not know I am now in 2 very different projects aside from my usual stuff. EBDE (En Busca De Ella) is a metal / hardcore band we got going. Member wise so far we got me and my boy Richard doing vocals and my boy Frank on rhythm guitar and my man Sy who I have yet to actually jam with will hopefully be taking up drum duty. I need a new lead guitarist and a place to practice. If you want to hear our 2 demo songs you can check it out here EBDE's Myspace or copy paste this: Leave a comment on that page or my page or here on this blog and lemme know what you think. The songs are nothing final, just an idea of what we're going for sound wise.

Ah, Lamebot. This was a bit of a random idea but it came while I was chilling with the bass player for "The Steak Dolls" Carlos (aka Triple D). Long story short, we decided to start an electronic band and here we are, still unclear about the sound or direction but working on some songs into what we think Lamebot should be. None of it is convention as per usual from me and from what I have seen so far, we will be mixing a lot of different styles together on this project. Triple D is handling most of the keys and will be playing guitar and singing on most of the tracks, and I'll be handling a lot of the production, and some of the vocals here and there. We're also looking to work with singers of all genres on this, so if you wanna be on a Lamebot song, link me to your samples of your work!



Kinda lol. That was a lot, I didn't know I had so much to say. I'm sorry I stole your time, but I'm sure you read the conveniently labeled titles and skimmed the info you were actually interested in. I'll write more as the other projects start coming to a close. Till then hit me up! Peace out ninjas!!


Much <3


The Blender

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Iron Lung Live at Area 7

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Big thanks to the few who made out to the show at Area 7 in Ft. Lauderdale FL. I ended up doing a really short set and I'll explain why lol. I couldn't find a DJ in time for the show and thats not too big a deal so I worked out a show with a buddy who happens to be an emcee I'm working with and producing for. All of a sudden, hours before the show, he gets ill and actually goes to the hospital. along with that went my surprise ending which was going to have some bboys and they were unable to make it as well. so I cut my whole set down to 4 songs around 20 minutes. I ended it with a lil Cage cover and did "scenester" which honestly needs 2 voices minimum to get a nice effect but here's the video!
Iron Lung - Scenester (cage cover live @ Area 7 )
I'll be hitting the studio soon hopefully to get the Def Jux mash up mix project done and get some other singles on wax. After that I'll be hitting the boards and mixing down some new beats and chosing my next project... I still don't know if I should release one more free EP or just go straight to an actual album. If I go the album route, it would HAVE to be the Lucy Latiff project I've been sitting on just because I need to get that whole chapter of myself out of my life.
thoughts anyone?

Free Weathermen Mixtapes

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So I'm sure everyone is still waiting on "The New Left", the long awaited Weathermen album. From what I know, just a few of the songs are done but it should be amazing. I've been working on a small little project remixing a handful of Def Jux singles which includes a version of Hugs and Kisses featuring Cage and myself on the second verse. hopefully I'll have it recorded soon.While I've been working on my own new stuff and part time at Volume Studio's in Miami, I've been jamming to a lot of the old Weathermen stuff. I realized its pretty hard to get your hands on this stuff so I figured I'd do everyone a favor... I put all my fav's together to make this 58 minute Weathermen megamix. It should hold you down until the album drops. It's just one continuous track so you can load it on your iPod and go for a run or bump it in your car on a nice drive.
Now without further ado... download here for free of course!