A Season of Resurrection

2/20/2009 02:35:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung /

So I decided to start blogging on my writing process through out the new EP and album coming out later this year on Afterdeath Records. The EP is obviously taking up more of my time since it’s coming out first, but I’m in good shape so far. The EP is going to be 8 songs of pure hodge podge. Nothing meshes, none of the beats flow the same, and some of it sounds different from the beats people have grown used to hearing me spit to. I think this is what’s going to help set it apart. Well, that and the name, “I’m A Lesbian, No Homo”. The name came from a joke we toss around in my circle of friends and I’m sure some other people do it to but here goes the explanation… this purely to avoid any confusion and arguing from any overly sensitive and defense individuals. We may be in a big group of people at a restaurant and I may say something to a friend of mine like “Hey, toss my salad for me? ... No homo”. It’s not an anti-gay statement (I could almost see the protestors now) it’s just a comical unnecessary clarification of a statement made with or without possible double innuendo.

Now that we go the politics out of the way… song time! 8 songs, 4 of which are fully written for, and out of those, 3 are already recorded and mixed down. Yes, one of the songs is Hibernation so I kind of cheated but everything else is new. The first track I produced doesn’t have lyrics yet. The second track was made by MuseSick, and trust me when I say you’ve never heard me on anything similar to this. The third song is fully written for and it’s called Table Talk produced by Skott Phree which is followed by Hibernation as the fourth track. The fifth track is called Stuck Here Somewhere Else and is all done and recorded and being mixed by Jupiter Flux. Actually Jupiter Flux decided to take full mixing duties on his own for this EP so that’s a load off me. He is also producing the 6th track which is totally empty and is featured on the 7th track produced by me called “In the Lobby with a Lead Pipe”. It’s a real dusty, lost in space track. The last track was produced by Skott Phree entitled Sixteen Seasons. This track is also empty as I keep trashing ideas I write for it because I don’t feel its fresh enough.

I just got a reply back from Jasmine Tame and so far so good. She seems down to take the picture that will become the cover for the EP. Have I mentioned how incredibly awesome she is? I owe her and like 3 other friends a song mention lol. Hopefully I get the shirts in soon so I can start selling them and you can start wearing them because well everyone wants a shirt that says either “I’m A Lesbian” or “No Homo”. I didn’t sleep all last night I was up writing finishing up emails and blah blah with a borrowed laptop that’s on the fritz. I really need my baby fixed so I can get back on my grind. I should be coming up with new artwork via Photoshop I can post here and/or on my MySpace page. So what’s the best thing about this EP? Duh, Jasmine Tame… second best? Since there is no true cohesive thought, each song really goes off in different directions. Anyways I guess I rambled on long enough, here is a snippet from “Stuck Here Somewhere Else”

Stuck in the middle stick in the mud passing up the forecast choosing the flood. Lost in the choice five days for rest of your breaths to be stuck here somewhere else

And the last two remnants of a long forgotten summer emerged from the smoke holding hands; as if to not be noticed they crept along the shoreline hiding under wakes and castles in the sand. So along came a spider and spun a new web this time all the spins were true. So please take your time to acknowledge all the tangents before you start to think this web was for you.

Well I’ll try and keep everyone updated on the latest happenings and include some more writing later. In the meantime be sure to pick up your own FREE COPY of the UNDERGROUND ODDITIES VOL 1 compilation EP. It has a bunch of songs spanning from 2006 to 2008.Here's the link http://www.mediafire.com/?u1nn0yj2mq2

Enjoy, leave comments on the MySpace!


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