Iron Lung Live at Area 7

3/05/2010 09:18:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung /

Big thanks to the few who made out to the show at Area 7 in Ft. Lauderdale FL. I ended up doing a really short set and I'll explain why lol. I couldn't find a DJ in time for the show and thats not too big a deal so I worked out a show with a buddy who happens to be an emcee I'm working with and producing for. All of a sudden, hours before the show, he gets ill and actually goes to the hospital. along with that went my surprise ending which was going to have some bboys and they were unable to make it as well. so I cut my whole set down to 4 songs around 20 minutes. I ended it with a lil Cage cover and did "scenester" which honestly needs 2 voices minimum to get a nice effect but here's the video!
Iron Lung - Scenester (cage cover live @ Area 7 )
I'll be hitting the studio soon hopefully to get the Def Jux mash up mix project done and get some other singles on wax. After that I'll be hitting the boards and mixing down some new beats and chosing my next project... I still don't know if I should release one more free EP or just go straight to an actual album. If I go the album route, it would HAVE to be the Lucy Latiff project I've been sitting on just because I need to get that whole chapter of myself out of my life.
thoughts anyone?


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