Studio REDUX!!

11/28/2010 02:35:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung /

Yo yo, what up hip hop headz!!!

Well I know school has kinda taken me away from writing here as often as I wanted to but anyway here's the deal.
My hard drive crashed with all the studio files on it… and by crashed I mean the arm that reads the drive is hitting the wall so I can't access the info. The ENTIRE Lucy album is on there so I need to save up a bit and get it fixed.
That explains me not going into the studio to record my album, but I still have a few songs and verses I promised to others I haven't done yet. The solution? Home studio redux!!!

I have ordered a bunch of new equipment as a Christmas gift to myself (let's face it, no one loves me THAT much). Anyway I was borrowing a midi from Triple D (the other half of LAMEBOT) to work on beats and produce madness but I recently got my new baby, an Axiom 61 V2… still playing around and figuring out stuff on it. I also ordered a new mic that should be here next week. That means I should have a handful of songs done.
The mac has been the best investment I've made. I am now running Pro Tools 8 HD on here and it runs super smooth. I'm making my music off Reason 4 mainly but also using Pro Tools 8 HD and Logic 9 Pro and utilizing ReWire.

In other news… I'll be trying to wrap up a few projects before the end of the year, including an official LAMEBOT EP and my project with the legend, C-Rayz Walz, The Return of the Black Samurai. Shit is gonna be fire!!!! My production is mainly using Asian instruments, choppy drums, and fuzzy bass lines… with C-Rayz doing all the spittin', this should be a cd that you can leave in your car's disc changer.

If you're feeling the cover art and the project idea, leave some love on the facebook

Apart from that, I have two solo tracks you Dub and Electro enthusiasts should check out. One I made for Reznor and his soundtrack for The Social Network movie, I took the idea in his track and raped it and came out with my own twisted version.

And I also had to write a few papers for a class, I decided to substitute one of those papers with a musical interpretation, and thus I give you… The Yellow Wallpaper. Check the description for more deets.

Iight yo, I leave you with that. You'll be hearing from me soon!


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