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I want I want I want! That’s all I could say when I opened up my sneak peak email whose subject line only read as “What’s in that Lunch Box!?” I open it up and there it was, in all its tin glory, a Doom lunch box. Fully clad with “Operation: Doomsday” cover art, the real treasure lay inside… a long over due re-issue of the debut of MF Doom album with tons of goodies all enclosed in a collector’s wet dream of a tin edible fuel source carrier. I’ll let Stones Throw take it from here…

The history of MF DOOM's debut album OPERATION: DOOMSDAY is a spotty one - it's been released in at least two different versions on different labels, out of print, bootlegged, and even released once with a cheap scan of the original cover.

This Spring DOOM's own label Metalface Records will be releasing the first complete & remastered version of OPERATION: DOOMSDAY, containing the original album, alternate versions, b-sides and instrumentals - 51 tracks total - with all new artwork and two deluxe, metal formats:

LUNCH BOX 2/CD and METAL 4/LP BOX each containing a 32-page lyric book, and set of 10 cards with images of the Operation Doomsday MCs.

Stones Throw will have an advance sale on these two formats. Complete photos and pre-sale will be announced soon. The artwork, which we previewed last year, was created by Jason Jagel and Jeff Jank, who also designed Doom's 2005 album MM FOOD.


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