A Season of Reflection

6/26/2009 06:28:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung /

Mirrors Facing Mirrors
Produced and written by Iron Lung

I can stare into your soul, I can see right through you. I can string along a sentence; I can puppeteer your mood. I can ask the wrong questions, only malice for intention and pick at all the flaws only visible to you. This is so pedantic, borderline sacrilegious as the attacks start to form something slightly cohesive. Consider this my thesis, the only glowing pieces, fragmented phrases in the midst of non-sequiters. Isn’t this lovely? Eking through the murky troubled waters later proved to be the bane of your existence. Although the ripples may deform the image, the essence in the wake is still original in pigments and somehow stays proactive. I only show the present, you’re the one how was to explain what really happened as you try to stay attractive. Fatal flaws and killer instinct were all parts included in the package.
“You and me, we’re in this together now. None of them can stop us now. We will make it through somehow.”
Another day gone by another chance to miss the segment of the daily periodical set aside with sole intention to cause slight depression on the weakest of the souls by laying out your dreams to poke fun at all your goals. Too many times we have drawn the same conclusion thinking only separation could be the right solution. The more space expands the more reflections we propose that we can change for the better but the lies are just our own and we believe them; these self-correcting versions of alternatives to facing all of the disillusions in a mundane existence. I know you’ve been a witness first hand to everything within this chronic illness. I know that I’m your rock, I know that I’m your crutch, I know I represent everything you wish you was. I wish that you could see the beauty in destruction, ‘cause once we hit the bottom, the only way is up.
“You and me, we’re in this together now. None of them can stop us now. We will make it through somehow.”
Don’t try and look away I know you can’t ignore that uneasy feeling that this just isn’t normal and leaning into something that you’d rather not mention as to not give it attention and then focus on shame. I am not amazed that you’re still scared to face everything that you’re becoming this is no mistake. As if you really needed anymore self-assurance, I can assure you that you mustn’t look away. Look closely at your doubts and you’ll find me. Look at all your failures and you’ll find me. If you ever really listened to all your indecisions you’d noticed the voice in the back, yeah it was me. Take a deep breath and slip into attrition so you can close your eyes and finally accept the truth. Maybe this will help clear your vision of who you really are, you’re me and I’m you.
“You and me, we’re in this together now. None of them can stop us now. We will make it through somehow. You and me, if the world should break in two; until the very end of me, until the very end of you.”

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