Love is, what I got... You're addicted

3/23/2011 05:56:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung /

The brain is composed of billions and billions of neurons that form its neural net. We tend to map emotions, thoughts and experiences through the laws of associative memory, wherein all memories and emotions are connected to each other. We build our concepts from our experiences and they are housed in this network. For instance, for a specific individual, love may be mapped to a feeling of sadness, a memory of pain, which may cause anger and keep the domino effect eventually leading back to the initial love concept. Our models are constantly changing along with our experiences, like a constant update. The more and more specific sections of the network fire together, they build a stronger relationship. Emotions are made to be chemically reinforced, the hypothalamus will release chemical cocktails tailor made to each emotion. These neuro-peptides attach to receptors in our bodies and our chemical romance begins. Like the neuronal net, we develop long-term relationships to chemical reactions; we become junkies from our own emotions. Love, whatever your concept of it may be, becomes a simple dependency to our self-made drug.


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