Mary Anne Hobbs in Miami!

4/23/2011 09:27:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung /

Wow this show was such a hodge-podge of styles. The order was all sorts of fucked and honestly I’m glad we showed up super late. Kids if you learn anything from this post, it's to NEVER show up on time to a show in Miami unless it involves free drinks/entrance. We were two hours late and still saw the opening act. We kind of wish we didn’t though. Gonjasufi was easily the worst act that night. No lie, his music was fire but his weird off-kilter vocals were more of a distraction then a compliment to his already weird tracks. I found myself trying to mentally EQ his voice out of the tracks. A lot of his stuff is hit or miss, but it was something better suited for headphones or as background noise at a quiet getty, than as part of a live show, it just did not seem to work. On the other hand, Take had a good set but blatantly ignored all of Miami when he asked if we wanted to hear another song. We just suffered through Gonjasufi and we could see Mary Anne Hobbs prepping, of course we didn’t want another one! Although it was pretty cool that he was making tracks on the fly off the LSVJ (that’s a circuit bent Gameboy for those who don’t know).  Mary Anne Hobbs … put it the fuck DOWN!! Her set was pretty damn dope. Saying it was diverse would be an understatement. She threw down everything from tech-house to Dubstep and dance hall and back (she was also hotter than expected)! It was the only time the back room in vagabonds wasn’t standing around. Lorn was a decent act, but I think he should have gone before MAH because his stuff is just darker all around and not as danceable. All and all it was a good night assuming you did like every other red blooded Miamian and pre-gamed before the show. Fuck $8 beers! The godmother of Dubstep blessed Miami and I was there. It was an awesome night…  Oh except for that one bitch was too old to be at the club in the first place. And if she wasn’t too old, stop smoking ‘cause damn! She was dressed like she just got off work at Mangos throwing down salsa moves and stiff ass wave action to dub and house, without a care in the world as to who was next to her. Her friends obviously failed to correct the situation, which would explain why she was there alone. At one point she hit her head on my chest and kept dancing like nothing happened. we had to brace ourselves like it was a mosh pit, but it was just one lady who was not going to let her 20's die. Dear lady who was too old to be at Vagabonds and obviously too geeked up to notice when you hit people dancing, whatever you were on, I want some!


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