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7/20/2010 10:44:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung /

Yo yo what up my ninjas? See the blog got a nice lil facelift… that's NY in the pic of course… I miss that city. Anyways here goes a few quick things bout what's going.

  1. New project dropped called "Iron Phil-Aments"
    1. It was a collab project between me and Phil G where I handled the production and mixing and only made 2 guest appearances on vocals. You can listen to it or get your free copy on here Iron Phil-aments FREE on

  2. A few older albums with broken links are back online
    1. Underground Oddities Vol 1 is back online here Underground_Oddities_Vol_1 FREE on

    2. Severe Warning Promo, the mega mix I made for The Weathermen is also back and ready for pimpin' here The_Weathermen Severe Warning Promo Mixed by Iron Lung
      1. By the way I had to throw in random songs because there is a 5 track minimum to be able to set them for download, so the first track is the actual mega mix, the other 4 are just goodies.
  3. My remix with NIN is now available to listen and a free download from their site here The Greater Good Remix Featuring Iron Lung

  4. I recently signed on to do a song for DJ A.I. on an upcoming album being released through Godsendant.
    1. It's actually for a concept album about a city called "Neo-Gotham" and its super heroes. My song is written from the point of view of my favorite comic book character, Spawn.
Aside from that, not much else is going on. I refuse to do anymore shows until I am at least in the recording process of the Lucy album. And I got a ways to go before I get there. The next few things I release will be pretty close together. I don't even want to put them in order but I'll be putting out a free digital 12" of Warning, a song produced by Muse Sick that I've been using at my live shows for a while. It will be a four song LP with acapellas and what not. Also, Underground Oddities Vol 2 may be released at the same time. My vocals may not be fully mixed down on the 2 or 3 newer songs but honestly, that's what these compilations are about… the roughness haha. And of course, the long awaited Def Jux Mash Up, I apologize for the wait, I'm in the final recording phase for the last 2 songs. And the mix down is cake now thanks to the sweet new preamp setup in the studio.

If you're into music and in the Miami area hit me up, I start school in the fall at Miami-Dade College Wolfson campus. Find me there or at Volume Studios in Hialeah, working on my own stuff and mixing down projects for other people. Who knows, maybe I record you! That sounded dirty didn't it? Well that's about it and I feel kinda like a douche writing my blog at Starbucks, so peace out!


Comment by MuseSick on August 11, 2010 at 4:10 AM

You should send that track if you got it done!

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