Me, I’m Not

7/26/2010 05:02:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung /

Hey guys, ok check it, I'm sure you've all heard already but I got another remix track up on the NIN site. It's a slightly dubbed out mix of "Me, I'm Not" off the Year Zero album. You can listen to it and download it for free off the site here I debated for a sec about making a whole album of NIN remixes, BUT I will hold off until I'm done recording the Lucy album and if there is enough interest in hearing such a thing.

Speaking of new projects… Aesop Rock and Cage are teaming up to bring us the new "Two of Every Animal". It should be a mix of both on vocals and Aes on the beats. I liked "Hail Mary Mallon" so this should be interesting. And Felt 3 was super sick.

I'm hosting another blog too btw. For all of you guys into art and photography, a few friends of mine have decided to bring their photography skills to the cyber world. There aren't any posts up yet but you can subscribe or at least check it out here

Lamebot is trudging along, we still need lyrics for 2 more songs and to lay down the vocals for all of them… getting in the studio has been an issue for both Iron Lung and Lamebot, but what can we do? I'm sure you guys will love our covers (which range from The Rolling Stone to Kanye West lol) and the EP. We're still looking for a label to help us release the EP so if you know of anything help us out!

Ok, well I think that's it for now, back to cleaning house and cleaning my hard drives :/


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