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8/03/2010 01:12:00 AM / Posted by Iron Lung /

Friggin' Dilla, I love his beats man. I just got my advance copy of Dilla's Donut Shop which is a limited release through Stones Throw. Oh, before I forget Seu Jorge has something new on Stones Throw too! Well technically speaking it's out through "Now-Again Records". Nevertheless, the Portuguese wonder boy teamed up with Almaz to make a new record which is currently on tour. For those of you going "who the hell is Seu Jorge?" you might remember him from City of God or as the singing guitarist in The Life Aquatic who did all the amazing David Bowie covers (which I own all of them hehe). Anyways if you want to check out what they sound like, you can download "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" by clicking here.

Ok back to Dilla… Donut Shop is actually just 6 tracks of some classic Dilla instrumentals. It kicks off with a beat sampling a song that I once tried to flip several times and failed, The Safety Dance. I love how it was done and I was vibing the whole way, another minute and I woulda been busting freestyles. One here we also got the Mos Def instrumental to "History" and the Busta instrumental for "You Can't Hold A Torch". It's a must own for DJ's and beat makers.

Here's a copy paste from the site:

"A collaboration of Serato, Stones Throw and the J Dilla Estate.  This is a 2LP collection of J Dilla instrumentals backed with Serato Control Tone for Serato DJs. 
2 SIDES MUSIC Six J Dilla Instrumentals - three previously unreleased tracks, and three previously unreleased instrumentals for Mos Def, Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip.
2 SIDES SERATO Serato Control Tone for use with Serato Scratch Live DJ software."

It's vinyl only and comes with two records, and two very stylish Donut Slipmats for your tables. If you want a preview, click here for The Safety Dance Mp3. Here's the link to order your own copy, http://www.stonesthrow.com/store/special-edition/jdilla/donut-shop-serato-2lp-slipmats or click here if you're lazy: I'm LAZY.

So yeah, aside from that I will hopefully get my ass in the studio soon and drop some of my own new unreleased goodness soon. Peace out my ninjas!


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