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Is finally out and ready for download! I've gotten nothing but positive reviews thus far, and that's not to say it didn't come with creative criticism. So far everyone's insight has been helpful as far as what you guys want to hear from me. But I'm glad you're enjoying it. You can listen to/download it here
<a href="http://ironlung.bandcamp.com/album/juxtaposition">Getaway Car (Bad Thieves Mix) by Iron Lung</a>

Last night, I went to "The Heartbeats Unlimited" Networking Social. It's this whole multimedia get together to help out the American Heart Association. find out more about it here. It was pretty awesome to see some of Miami's finest out of their regular element. I handed out some samplers of both Iron Lung and LAMEBOT. The Iron Lung sampler actually had all 7 tracks off the Juxtaposition mix as well as a re-dub of Doctor P's Neon, 2 other tracks that have yet to release and some of my NIN remixes…. It was a great freebie in my opinion so if you got one, enjoy! The LAMEBOT sampler had 5 tracks. Of course it opens with the Ketchup song which is 300 views strong now!

It also had the 2 versions of Megatron Meltdown and 2 preview tracks off the upcoming EP. If you got the LAMEBOT sampler, feedback is greatly needed!!!

After that we had a dinner reservation at Smok't, this very nice southern cooking with a twist type place where we began a small celebration. Luckily, our server was this very cool person I haven't seen in awhile and we got to catch up during some down time. The fiasco continued at Crazy Piano's where we shut the place down, and me leaving with no voice and not waking up till 2pm lol. overall a great Saturday, with a mixtape release, a social networking event, good food and great friends, yelling out classic songs, drinks and, damn I forgot where I was going with this…. But it was a good day.


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