Return of the Black Samurai

8/08/2010 12:47:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung /

So without going too much into personal detail because its not my place, I'll try and let you in on what's going on… 

My man C-Rayz and I have been down for awhile now so I've gotten to know him a person and not just as an emcee. He's got some legal stuff going on and I reached out to help with some of the fees with an idea for a small EP in which all the proceeds would end up going to help "Free Rayz Walz". Now there is no name for this joint project and it's not solidified yet, but what I can say is, the beats made for this so far are similar to like old MF Doom in how the kind of sound like a long loop with some simple deep bass lines and glitched drum patterns. BUT, they have a lot of oriental instrumentation, all of which is original and played since I don't want to sample a thing and have to clear rights and what not. Now, if you want to help him/us out you can in a few simple ways:

  1. Stop by both our pages and leave a little love on the subject, tell us how you would feel about a Lung/Walz EP and what you'd expect to hear.
  2. If you want to feature C-Rayz on a track for any of your projects, he's more than likely willing to do so and right now you can catch him at a pretty low price of $500 a track. (get at him directly and tell him I sent you OR message me first if you're shy)
That's pretty much it as far as how you can help out directly. So spread the word and leaves us some thoughts.

I hit the studio Monday, and I don't want to keep expecting to have something new for you but I'll be mixing down whatever I can get out of there Monday night at home during the rest of the week. Hopefully before month's end, you'll hear some new Iron Lung and some right out of the oven LAMEBOT. Classes start up for me in a like 2 weeks so I want to take advantage now. The first song I'll be trying to mix down and have out for you to hear is the opening track off the Def Jux project, which is a remix of Getaway Car with Aesop Rock.

And on a random, I have officially decided to learn to play guitar. My two main sound influences for that are Mick Thomson (Slipknot) Matt Fox (Shai Hulud which I recently got to meet) so wish me luck!

Well that's it for now. I'll leave you with all the links so you can support C-Rayz, myself, and our possible project.





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