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8/06/2010 08:38:00 PM / Posted by Iron Lung /

Hey everyone, ok so if you didnt already know i do all my own graphics and what not, so i've been contracting my services out to the general public.

First up was
a blog created for three good friends of mine taking their emerging photography skills to the interwebz

Now I bring you....
a blog created for a record label out of North Carolina run by Skott Phree, a very talented producer I've had the luck of knowing for years. If you like pure hip hop or anything like Tribe, Flying Lotus and stuff like that, check this cat out... dope dope stuff.

I was trying to record today but the whole studio was booked so I'll try and get squeezed in this weekend or early next week. I wanna have a new project in your hands by the end of the month.

anyways check out both blogs and lemme know how you like them and the design and if your bored check my older posts... spread the word and i'll keep spreading the music.

next time y'all


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